Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Singing in the Rain?

Today my grandkids got to visit the nursing home in their area for some Spring time fun.

The little kids went to the nursing home and played a game with Singing in the Rain. They danced around the "puddle" and when the music stopped they had to jump in the puddle. The second part of this video catches more of the music. The post below shows some views of the other things they did. The residents and children really had a wonderful time! VIDEO IS 46 SECONDS


  1. How much fun that would be for the kids and the 'wise' ones. Our town has a nursing home that has a childcare center in it so they get to see each other more often. You Grandson is going to be a musician (o:

  2. What a great thing those mommies did for the residents and for their kids as well!