Wednesday, November 7, 2007

True Church verses Virtual Reality

Reflecting on religion verses relationship. Listened to a guy talking about this---it was about the fact that many people go to church and have a religion and are basically in a virtual reality. --playing at but not having the reality! It is a form of relationship without God---a relationship that denies the power thereof----a form of godliness without the power of God in it.

I need to examine my life to make sure that I am listening to God and that I am doing what He wants---living in that dynamic relationship and allowing Him to form His image in me (see post below). Need to make sure I am not just playing in a virtual reality, but that I am responding to what he tells me to do. I can't conform my life to this culture, or even the church's culture but to Christ.
picture from flickr --jeff cr.


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  2. Amen! I think it can be easy to get off track and start being in a virtual reality. We need to read His word every day and pray without ceasing and listen to our maker!

    ;0) Sharon

  3. I second that Amen! Everynight when I go to bed I think of how my walk was with the Lord, and you know, sometime its just not what it needs to be. I agree with Sharon we need to read the Bible daily and pray!I want my walk to be so much better!

  4. It is so easy for the churches as well as ourselves to start being in a virtual reality... sometimes churches are so busy touting that they are all about relationships and not religion that they lose God in the mix somehow...
    I appreciate this post as a reminder to always keep my eye on God and seek to do his will...