Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was reflecting in a letter to my daughter about pride and sensitivity--so I copied it here and would love if any of you bloggers have an opinion on this to share it with me.

So why do any of us tend to be overly sensitive do you think.
We all have this problem to one degree or another--I know some is pride--

In a Bible study last few weeks we were talking about humbleness. Well actual in different studies we touched on the subject. In Romans we were talking about how we are all sinners and when we judge someone for their sin we are equally guilty---we were looking at how the Jews judged the Gentiles and how the Jews were also guilty--Rom 2 :1--"Therefore you are without excuse, every man of you who passes judgement, for in that you judge another you condemn yourself: for you who judge practice the same things." --this is so true and if we really understand this we will realize what we criticize others for ,we are guilty of too---maybe in just a different way.

Secondly we were looking at Christ's humility---I think part of his great ability to live so humbly (humanly speaking) was the fact that He knew who He was, He knew He was loved by the Father and when you have this intimate knowledge of God's love you can serve others with humility, it does not matter what they think of you because you know what God thinks--that He has this great love for you. However with Mother Teresa she did not feel God's love for her yet because she chose to love Him she wanted to do all for Christ.--she also realized all Christ did for her so I guess she could not do enough to serve the outcasts of society.

I wonder why we are so defensive--is it because we don't fully realize who we are in Christ? Why are we so proud--Christ who is God was humble! I know it is sin that causes pride--but as Christians why don't we do a better job at coming at things with a lowly mind? Would we do better if we came to realize the greatness of His love for us. What do you think on all of this?


  1. I think it is just sinful human nature. We need to put on Christ and humble ourselves, which is a very hard thing to do. We can only do it through Him who gives us strength!

    Warmly, Sharon

  2. I think that faith has a lot to do with being humble.