Monday, February 3, 2014

The mallard killed by the hawk: not for the squeamish

 photo IMG_6820.jpg
 photo IMG_6812.jpg Yup , this was what happened at my place this weekend  photo IMG_6814.jpg But I guess he has to survive too, eh?The hawk looks so proud. It was hard to see him do this.  On a nicer note  --this is a very pretty song--it is used in a recent movie too.:


  1. As much as I think they are beautiful, I can't stand hawks. I used to have a snake that bothered no one. It would sun in a Topiaries bush in our yard and catch mice and things. He disappeared, and me thinks the hawks had something to do with it. If you have tiny dogs be careful letting them outside if this guy is lurking. One of them tried to swoop a small dog I had on e upon a time.



  2. Well, that's nature for you, I guess! :-) We always joke at our house about having "too much nature in our nature" when we encounter the more gritty reality of the wild outdoors. But ultimately yes, predators prey and that's the way the food pyramid works. It was probably grisly to watch, but still a neat thing to see that. I've never seen a hawk actually catch prey except on television. ~Angela~