Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice in SC

 photo IMG_6943.jpg ICE AND ICE --that is what we got here in coastal SC. Lots of folks without power and lots and lots of limbs and trees all over the place.  photo IMG_6933.jpg The animals are taking it in stride. See the cardinal hiding below?  photo IMG_6918.jpgI am glad I didn't loose power, but some of my friends are still without!  photo IMG_6945.jpg A last look at the fox squirrel  photo IMG_6939.jpg


  1. Wow, Kim, hope you are all okay! It can be scary, all that ice. My sister, with whom my daughter is now living in Canada, was without electricity for 3 days and it was restored for Christmas Eve, and then lost again, after Christmas! Stay warm!


  2. Wow! The ice is bad enough but with the wind it's worse. At least you still have power.I was wondering whether you got the snow you were anticipating a couple of weeks back.


  3. Yikes! Stay safe. I hope your power stays on.

  4. Bad weather
    but you did manage to come up with lovely pics.

  5. I hate ice storms! Fortunately, we don't get them here.
    I see a rotten squirrel trying to steal the bird's feed.
    they are a nuisance!

  6. I feel sorry for you, as I know this kind of weather is not something that is usual in the southeast. We expect consistently bad weather in the winter months here, so we are more prepared. I hope things are more manageable for you this week.