Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun veggie plates!

This is a fun veggie plate. You simply get a tree shaped plate. Line it with celery--add cauliflower and decorate with red pepper. You can set the tree on a large round plate and place carrots around the tree too. Below are more ideas-- another idea--this I found on line it it not my photo, but I did one like it for Thanksgiving. I posted this on my recipe blog, but thought I would spread the fun ideas here.

Found the ones below online

Photobucket Note quite a veggie plate!


  1. Those are cute!
    I like the tree plate. Hmmm... I must check the thrift store of Dollar tree for some of those after the holidays. These would make great presents too; especially for younger's just starting out that DON'T HAVE any of those cute little dishes.

    I saw those HUGE HERSHEY BARS... somebody dropped a pretty penny for it too!

    The Husband loves chocolate Hershey bars---

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  3. Great veggie ideas.... however, I think I'd like the Hershey bar most...

    Happy Christmas!


  4. I missed several posts here...opps
    Love the deco...I wants some of your veggie tray...
    I am sure there is a story behind the huge Hershey bar.
    I love the chalkboard. You make a good point. The things that bring us happiness and make us smile every time we see them are the BEST.
    I did put up a chalk board with a rooster...but it is to high and I have to stand on a chair to write on I don't change it all the time (o:

  5. Those look wonderful and so healthful!
    Merry Christmas!
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. Great veggie trays but I love Chocolate ! ;)

  7. Thanks for popping over and commenting on my new front door! Those appetizer plates are so cute. Got my girls that huge Hershey bar at Hershey Park (I ate most of it)! Wishing you a fabulous New Year!

  8. These are so cute - I never think to be so decorative with food but I should!