Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interesting take on dressing

I found the history behind her life interesting. Her attitude on dressing is interesting too and at the end she sums it up. It ,perhaps, will give me a little more motive to pay attention to dress, although, not in a slavish spending way...but to see it in the way that God has made me and I am to take care of myself and not be slovenly! (And by the way, I like being sloppy!)


  1. That was fascinating, Kim, and what a cute lady! I loved seeing what she was wearing. FUN!

    I tend to be a bit of an unmade bed, but this is a challenge to do better.


    Sheila :-)

  2. Very interesting...
    I like the comment from Magpie
    "I tend to be an unmade bed"
    now that is something to think about....I don't feel right when I leave the bed unmade (o:

  3. Nanny, Thanks for being honest (o:
    The reason it has stayed that way is because I am Lame....and can't figure out how to change it again. I have trouble
    I will have to look again and see what I can do (o:
    The bike is in a little town up in the mountains in front of a store. I love to look at it too. They would not appreciate it if I took it. (o:

  4. Hi NannyKim! I have wondered where you went off too...remember me? I was Sailing Simply but am now The Decorative Dreamer. I saw your comment on The Quintessential Magpie and remembered you. If I am correct you are down in the low country right? LOL! So nice to see you are still out here! I am signing up to follow you here now too!

  5. Very interesting lady, I love clothes too and I love to come up with my own design. I love to dress up and look my best most of the time. Even when I am just at home all day. It makes me feel good!
    Hugs, Cindy