Tuesday, April 5, 2011

bone fusion--off of my feet!

I have been off my feet with the bone fusion surgery I just had. I have found the old classic comedy movies to be a nice way to spend the time when one is in pain! Today is the first day i haven't had to use pain medication every 3 hours.

I will have to report back on how this surgery has worked when the results come in! They took out the big joint in the toe near the bunion area and fused the two bones together. I shouldn't notice much change, except there should be no pain in my foot once it has healed. I had little movement of the joint since there was bone on bone anyways. This way it is just hitched together as one! I won't be able to wear heals, but I hadn't been able to anyways!

If any of you have had this done, I will be interested in hearing how long it took you to heal!


  1. OH Kim, I'm so sorry to hear you had such a painful surgery..or at least the recovery. Feet don't like to be messed with, I've heard. Comedies are the best aren't they?

    Hey..wanna laugh really hard? Drop by today and see the Hula Hoop Man video. My tea post is about 'taking care of you' and under exercise I mention my new favorite hobby--hooping. Trudy Callan got me started. :O)

    It's certainly worth a chuckle. This is just an ordinary middle aged man who learned to hoop and do tricks..even with a very large paunch..and boy can he hoop! I watch it over and over. He's my hero!

    Wish I could help you get rid of the pain. How long will you be off your feet?

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. Oh dear, hope you are mending well and quickly! It sounds as if you've discovered a nice entertainment while off your feet. Treat yourself well!


  3. So sorry you are in pain... but if it helps you get back to a more normal you...I guess it is worth it. That is a really weird sentence I just wrote...but trust you know the jest of it. Get better fast. What a great time to read.

  4. Ouch! Take it easy. Hope all hea;s well and soon.

  5. Hurry and get better so you can chase grandkids!

  6. Kim, hope your recovery goes well!

  7. Kim, I hope you get to feeling better very soon. That looks so painful.

    I adore comedies. I watched some the other evening on You-Tube. Listen, you can google "To Tell the Truth" and "What's My Line" on there, and we thoroughly enjoyed that.

    Feel better...


    Sheila :-)

  8. Ouch! I am glad you're getting off pain pills - that can be so bad for you. I am glad it's over with and that you're on the mend. Enjoy the down time!

  9. So sorry to hear about your pain, I do hope this surgery works for you. Being pain free is definitely a good thing.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  10. Hope you are healing fine and out of pain by now, Kim!