Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Spiritual Bouquet

I have been reading an old work from the early 1600's and I like his idea of a spiritual bouquet.

He says that one of the things we should do after we have spent time meditating is to gather a little bouquet or garland of devotion. This is how he states it:

"One who has been walking in a beautiful garden does not depart willingly without gathering a few flowers to smell during the remainder of the day. In the same way we should, when our soul has been entertaining itself by meditating on some mystery, select one, two, or three of those points in which we have found most relish, and which are most proper for our advancement [spiritually], to think frequently on them, and 'smell' them , as it were spiritually, during the course of the day. This is to be done in the place in which we have been meditating, either remaining there in silence, or walking by ourselves for some time after."

This is a helpful picture for me---a spirtual bouquet! Yup....I like this idea.

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  1. I do the spiritual bouquet thing without realizing it was a spiritual bouquet! LOL! I like to go back and think about those things that was brought to my attention earlier in the day...such as a church sermom...just savor the thoughts for awhile. :)

  2. This is a wonderful thought- may I ask who the author is you are reading!

  3. You should link this to my Week In Words meme today!

    This is a great thought -- doing something like this would help me remember those things that struck me while reading.

  4. A great concept. If I would just pick a few key things to remember (instead of trying to gather up all the flowers in the field!), I would enjoy their beauty more and retain it better. Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

  5. I have a book with an some excerpts of his sayings and thoughts. I think my favorite author of old is Madame Guyon, St John of the Cross, and Michael Molinos- if you haven't read his The Spiritual Guide- I highly recommend it! I sometimes ask myself why I read them as they are so far above me in my walk but they give me the hunger to desire more of Himself-

    bee blessed

  6. hmmmm
    like that (o:

    love your son's spooky abode too (o:
    how fun!

  7. You asked about the 10 limit. That limit is for the number of different tabs you have. Under each tab - you can add as much content as you want.

  8. Interesting concept. I think that may work better for me. I try to remember it all and only get stressed. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very nice, Kim. Thanks for stopping by today. Now I'd like to read that book "Crazy Love." Thanks for telling me about it. Kathi

  10. I love reading older writings. What book is this! It sounds like one I would enjoy.