Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Running/ a snap of life

Today there is a photo meme going on at Sailor and Company It is called RUNNING. I know you will really wonder what the photo below has to do with running!!!! (Plus we can't touch up the photos!! so this is blurry)
But every morning I do my jogging . Where? In my home. I have a loop that runs through my kitchen (the above pic), dining room , smaller living room, and other smaller dining area to the kitchen and back around!! Sounds weird but it oh so works for me. I can also jog in place and watch some HGTV or even EWTN if I want a sermon. Doesn't matter how hot or cold or rainy. I also use this time for prayer! So it works!! Have a nice day!


  1. i do that at night...during every commercial if i am watching TV. round and round she goes

  2. How many times around the loop do you go?

    A very creative take on the theme!!

  3. Thanks for stopping at my blog!

    That's a creative way to squeeze in some exercise.

  4. I remember when my Mom used to get her exercise running around a path in her house...we knew to stay out of the way.
    What also caught my eye was the picture of the child...just precious. Looks like a little kid who cannot stop giggling.