Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One beautiful true Mother's Day Story (a God Wink)

This is such a blessed story that happened this Mom's day to one of my friends. I had to share it. I call these kind of happenings a God Wink. Here are her words:

"Some of you may remember that I requested prayers 4 or 5 summers ago because the diamond solitaire in my engagement ring fell out. It was the last night of our vacation bible school and I did not realize it was gone until I was tucking one of the boys in bed that night . So, I had no idea where it had come out. Needless to say, we searched everywhere at home, in the yard, in my car and l made sure to tell Mr. Don to keep an eye out for it at church. It was devastating because it had been my Mother's and she had told me before she died that she wanted me to have it. (She went Home in 1993 after battling ovarian cancer.) Well, it took a long while for me to come to grips with the fact that it was more than likely gone for good and I would never see it again. It was awful having to tell my father about it; but, he took it in stride like any dad of five children would. Losing it was a real lesson for me concerning earthly possessions. The funny thing is that the ring was one of the things that I worried most about losing, besides Ken and the boys, of course. To make a long story longer : This past Sunday our Sunday schoolers and I were looking up bible verses in the book of ACTS and reading them aloud. I was using my children's bible that had been given to me on my 7th birthday by my parents and siblings. It is quite battered with pages that fall out and I just put them back in. This bible has traveled with me several times over the years to church and back because it is great for me to use with the kids. At one point as I Iooked back down at the pages something little caught my eye as it was moving a little bit. As I picked it up and inspected it my heart just about stopped ! It was the diamond I lost !!!!! I have no idea how it got there. It was as if GOD just dropped it on the page in front of me. I am yet to find any type of indention among the pages where it may have been all this time. It turned up in the same place that I last knew I had it...our own parish hall/ kitchen ! And best of all, it was MOTHER'S DAY !!! Mother's day miracle ? Thank you all for your prayers, especially these past couple of years. God does answer them, just not necessarily when we want them to be answered. "

We have a really awesome God!I always feel like dancing to something when God does this. Here is a song I like for this:


  1. Years ago when we lived in Surfside Beach, S.C. I too lost my diamond. Although it was not an heir loom, I knew I would probably never get another one--as we had 5 kids at the time. I thought it was gone too since I had been planting large plants in the border of our home. Long story short, I prayed and right after I had an impression of where to look. I walked out to my car and felt in the carpet in front of the driver's seat and there it was. That was over 25 years ago and I still stand amazed at how much our Father God cares for what His children care about!!!!!Cindy Gragg

  2. Great story and great song to dance to (o:
    My blogger friend Dawn had a story about the same wasn't Mothers Day ....but she found the missing diamond after awhile too (o:

  3. Yep - I did find my ring - under Katie in her car seat. Not such a long time lost, but intense. I love this story! A Godwink for sure - on Mother's Day!

    DC has lost his ring in the yard somewhere, we think. It's the second time - hoping to find it miraculously someday again.

  4. Oh Kim, I am so happy for you! That was indeed a miracle!...Christine

  5. Wow! Awesome story! What a great blessing!

  6. I love to hear how God blesses his people! I have had so many things found that were lost after giving up finding them myself and praying and waiting on God's direction or miracle. I rejoice with your! Let our Lord have all the glory!