Thursday, December 10, 2009

Princes don't wear pacifiers

The prince?

This is my granddaughter standing in the rain, about to pick out a tree. I love the quote of the week from her. After seeing the Disney movie on Cinderella she said, at some point,

"Princes don't wear pacifiers". She was especially referring to her one year old bro who has been using one to help with some teething issues. I love this quote and please remember to tell all your princes this fashion of the week statement.


  1. Love your new header (o:
    My 2 grands that aren't napping or in school are watching The original Cinderella right now. This very minute. As we were watching the mean sisters tear apart her dress... I said aren't they mean? The both looked at me and said, "They're step sisters!" Oh dear... think I will have to talk about that later (o:
    My daughter is about to become a stepmother.

  2. Very cute! The idea of picking out a tree in the rain is foreign to us around here!

  3. That's so cute! I love the pic at the top.