Sunday, December 20, 2009

A child again

I had such a great time visiting my grand kids this week. I played and felt like a child at times--it is so much fun to imagine and play!!

ABove--Rhianwen has a little Cinderella dress she puts on over her clothes. Here she is dancing to Christmas music. Her little brother joined in as well, but I didn't post a pic of him in the dancing.
Above--I love the flamboyant () glove

The kids had two manger scenes that were hands on. These were a lot of fun to talk about and play with. We ended up bringing the figures all over the house. We pretended lots of things with them.

Above--Rhianwen had to do a makeup gymnastic class . Here she is getting ready. The beads didn't go to the gym with her. It was fun watching the little tikes in the gym. It made me want to do it--the trampolines, rope swing, triangular swing and jumps looked like so much fun. They also had a diving type platform to jump down into a pit of play foam type blocks. They had to run after hoola hoops too. Lots of balance beam stuff too!

It was chilly but we enjoyed the backyard. I wish I had boots because it is muddy in places!!

Above--they have a big yard with a partial tree on the ground. It makes fun rides (ie pretend horsie)

The kids made snowmen from socks. Here they are filling the socks with beans.

The great painter at work. The hat is really her Mary Poppin's Burt hat, but it does make a great painter's hat as well, doesn't it?

The finished products. Alden had some help with his, but Rhianwen did most of hers on her own; Can you tell?

Then it was cookie making time.....

And.....making a tree (below) for the doll house.

Alden mainly likes anything that will make a big mess. He is an expert mess maker. EXPERT!!

Below is a clip of Rhi making up a song about Jesus and then she ends up combining it with a real song. Playing with kids is therapeutic!! You have so much fun in pretend land!! I surely did!


  1. What a fun grandma you are. I'm glad you got to have so much fun. I feel like I am such a not fun grandma, because I have them so much and am kind of substitute mom much of the time. Grandpa is the player with them and he is great at it.

    Have a blessed week!

  2. They are SO CUTE! Rhi singing that song is fabulous, and I really love the manly wrestling going on in the background. :-)

  3. She is so sweet singing! It looks like y'all had a ton of fun!

  4. we had such a fun time. thanks for coming!

  5. Love this post and all the great pictures. The little ones are sooo cute. You have got some good pictures. The hats and red cheeks are great. Love the projects 9o:
    I had that same book when my 24 year old was little.