Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gram and gramps 60 th anniversary

This week my in-laws celebrated their 60th anniversary. They are both in wheelchairs, but Grandpa stood up to do the kissing ;-) Below is a picture taken 60 years ago. Grandpa said the bridal gown had so many buttons that it made him very frustrated later in the evening ;-)

Below is a close up--I love this.

Here Grandma (below) is enjoying pictures of David's family.

Bob opened the non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice from Susan--we all enjoyed this and especially Grandma--I had to keep refilling hers!!

A toast to the couple. This room was a conference room in the nursing home where Grandma resides.

She enjoyed everything and later went hands-on with the cake.

Grandpa told everyone many stories---especially about time they had gotten stranded!! That should have been the name for this couple--the stranded ones!! They were stranded in various places through-out the USA.....possibly because of the old cars and put together trailers they had.

Below is a video of one of their conversations:

All in all a good tiime.


  1. Great post. Looks like a great time. Things like this really make me wish I was back home. I wish you had a transcript of his stories.

  2. What a great celebration. I love the way he is so sweet with her. That is so special. I am glad all got to get together and enjoy this together. We had a sixtieth party for hubbies parents here and all the family got to come. They have been blessed with good health and were able to drive here...700 miles. It scares me when they do (o: They also had a card shower that one of the daughters organized...They loved that.
    I enjoyed the video.

  3. That's so sweet! I love their wedding picture, they make a great couple! I liked the video!

  4. What a great story and lovely sweet pictures. I love the wedding picture - and Grandpa's comment is hilarious!

    My folks just had their 61st, and we're blessed that they are still healthy - they married VERY young!

  5. Re your comment - I have one of the booster seat thingies also, but just keep it at home. One of the twins has a high chair that was given to Kristen as a shower gift, and she also received two others. I am tempted to get another booster one, because the high chair takes up so much room in my little kitchen.

  6. Oh please tell me she wasn't eating the olives with the chocolate cake. I may mix a lot of things on my plate but not those two. Lol.
    How sweet they both are.
    I agree with Chip that these stories need to be written down and shared. Time is not going to wait.

  7. I've never had grandparents but this is such a great post and nice to see the love between them and from you to them.

  8. You've been invited! Come celebrate your home with us in "Show off your cottage Monday"!


  9. Great post, boy there is nothing like family, it looks like they had a great time. My cat tina was my moms and when she passed away someone had to take her...I have always had shelty dogs, still do, this is first cat and she fits in wonderfully, I have had some health issues and fine her very comforting, thanks for the great post...

  10. what a wonderful post...

  11. Wow! 60 years!! Thats wonderful! That comment about to many buttons made me laugh :o)!!! Thanks for signing up to follow me, I did the same for you!! Take Care, and drop by often!