Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cleaning on the fly!

A fellow blogger told me about NOW it is NOT .com, but .net!! It is here: . Any how this little site has helped me a lot this week. I signed up on facebook and to get emails. Some ways she has helped me: She has this thing where you spend 15 minutes cleaning the kitchen, then you stop and go clean the bathroom for 15 minutes, then 15 in another room then a 15 minute break. What I like about this idea is that I would have lots to do for the day ,and I would think...well, I can spend 15 minutes here. And I was really excited to see how much even 5 concentrated minutes could do. When you do this everyday lots gets done. Each month she apparently focuses on something--like this month it was on decluttering paper junk. Then she will have some quickies---like on Fridays you spend 5 minutes cleaning the inside of your car---ie quick wipe down---throw out junk that has accumulated and straighten what is left. She also had a 5 minute thing where any clothes lying around the house get put away. So I have learned it is fun even to spend 5 minutes on something---I straightened my deep freeze in about 5 minutes---now it is organized. .....same with the frig. So I recommend the

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