Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic break

Hi--I have been taking a semi -summer break. Watching the olympics, visiting my new grandson, visiting with family, and taking my youngest son to college for his last year!! Hope to get to visiting ya'll soon! (ps. my spiritual sunday post is on my other blog at:
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  1. congrats on the new grandbaby. What fun you will have.

    I love all the pix and the music on your blog.

    Best wishes.

  2. Oh, I love these photos!!! It makes me look forward to my Grandma days. I'm 50 and my daughter is getting married in January. So, it will be awhile. But oh what a day!

    I so appreciated your comments on my blog about faith and hope. Very apropos!

    Hugs, KJ

  3. Thanks for your visit to my blog!
    I love the header on your blog!

    I,too, have been watching the olympics as I do each year. I wasn't happy with the judging of the girls gymnastics. But it was thrilling to watch Michael Phelps win the gold again and again!

    I enjoyed looking over the list of your favorite books. The Bobsey Twins and Nancy Drew Mysteries sure brought back memories.

    You have an adorable new grandson.


  4. Congrats on the new grandchild! Our little one is 7 months old. Our youngest child is also finishing up college this year. He graduates in December. Yeah!

  5. What a beautiful picture! What a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations!

    Hugs, Sharon

  6. I love your blog title picture...may I copy it to my harddrive...i just want to make it my screensaver and sit and ponder's beautiful. Did you take it? If so, where is this...this is one of His most beautiful creations, I think. I get a peace at the seashore that I get no other place. i linked to your site from "keep the light shining", I love mary...
    I'm so glad I found you...I'll return.
    Oh, precious grandbabies...I have a teenager and I pray to one day (a few years from now) to be holding a grandbaby as precious as yours...I wouldn't quit smiling if I had one.

  7. Enjoy your grandchildren they are truly a blessing. The picture is so~~~ sweet!

  8. Your grandson is adorable. Kathi