Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nursing home fun?

These are precious pictures for me of my daughter and grandbaby's visit with my mother-in-law and father-in -law in their respective nursing homes.

Posted by PicasaThere is such a joy in the visiting of different generations! My daughter is due on July 10 to have her son born!! These pictures really don't show it! All of this shows me how precious families and the gift of life and inter-generational relationships are. These are truly gifts from God. Also being able to help each other even in small ways really is a blessed experience.


  1. What precious pictures to have and share the memories as time goes by...
    to have four generations in the room together is a wonderful thing...
    my parents did not live long enough to see my grandchildren...
    you have been blessed...

  2. I love taking the little girlies to the home where our church friend live - we go at lunch time to the delight of all the residents. There's nothing like kids to brighten up their lives, whether they know them or not!

  3. You have a beautiful family. I remember the days last spring when we were all visiting my dad after his stroke. It was a hard time, but we met interesting people, and there were kind workers helping my dad. One day we brought my cat for a visit. My dad really liked that.

    Have a pleasant weekend. Kathi PS please come by and accept my "Blogging Buddy" award. It's on my "Schmitty our Kitty" post.