Wednesday, June 25, 2008

love, sadness and wonder

A sweet day--My father-in-law who had a stroke on May 17 has not seen his wife for 5 weeks. She is in another nursing home. Today was their first time to see each other. He did not get out of the car since it is very difficult to get him out and in a wheel chair. The stroke affected his left side.
It was so touching and moving to see them with each other. This is the longest they have been separated in the last 30 years and they have been married for almost 59 years.

She can't talk much right now, but she managed to whisper , "I love You". Life is hard, but there is so much beauty in it!


  1. This post was absolutely beautiful...thank you!

    What an inspiration your in-laws must be to you!

  2. Oh my -- so sad and so sweet at the same time.

  3. They have been in my prayers. I got an update from Mama the other day. She really enjoyed getting to visit with Grandpa Davies.

  4. Oh my, how wonderful to see them together, I am sure it is very difficult for them. I will hold them in my prayers.

  5. That is just so sweet and so precious and so sad. You can just see the love in their eyes. I am sorry that they can't be together all the time. That must be very difficult. So very touching.

    ~ Sharon

  6. Oh this is so touching. I put myself in her place, and thought, how could I only see and touch him for a few minutes? I feel for both of them. Very sweet post, Kim

  7. life gets very difficult when we reach the age when we can no longer care for ourselves... it is so sad when a couple has to be separated in order to be taken care of properly...
    and I know it is difficult for you and your husband also as you see them like this...
    but it was wonderful for you to take the time to take FIL over to visit with MIL...they can relive that little memory for awhile...
    blessings to you and your family...
    I keep your in-laws in my prayers as they learn to adjust to their present living arrangements.

  8. How sad for them to be separated like this. I'm glad they had some time together.