Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going Green

Well you can see the happy face on my son as he uses our new push mower in our back alley. It really works well and is lighter to push than our gas run mowers were!! It does a neat job and gives a soft touch to the look of the lawn when it is done. It also makes a really neat clicking sound as you mow.
Along with the green theme--here are some first tomatoes on our plants.

Lots of sage.

And the start of an eggplant.

The weekend is soooooon to start and it is near time for more birthday celebrations and our anniversary (31 years!!!).


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!! I've tagged you for a little blogging fun. Check out my blog for the details!!

  2. Hey that is pretty neat! YOu are doing great things for the environment! I can just imagine how it sounds! What a cute son you have!

    Hugs, Sharon

  3. Your mower reminds me of ours when we were first married...ours came with the house and was our 'exercise' on our postage stamp property.

    Your son is very handsome...and handy!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  4. Oh, cool mower! My grandpa used one of those way back when I was a kid.

  5. You have a lovely garden. That looks like a handy mower for hard to reach sections of lawn. I will have to show my husband. Kathi

  6. When I was growing up the push mowers were the only kind out there or at least that's the only ones I ever saw. I remember trying to push them. It was hard. Home grown tomatoes. There's nothin' better. Happy Anniversary.

  7. What a new lawn mower - I haven't seen anything like that. Beautiful plants!

  8. I want a mower like that. We used to have one when we were kids.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my quilts. I was so excited to share and it's fun in blog world because people "rejoice with those who rejoice". Know what I mean?

    My yellow cat is Narcissistic and has to be in EVERY picture. I think he knows the sound of the camera like the sound of a can opener and comes running!!! He's a ham.

  9. I have looked at your blog a time or two in the past (Learned your name from Charlotte) but have not kept up with it. I was reminded of it again this a.m. when reading another friend of Charlotte's (guess I don't have many friend bloggers of my own, sad, sad, sad) and you commented on the table runner and the Peonies. When you mentioned seeing Peonies in CT where you grew up, I had to check on you again because I spent 5years in Danbury, CT. We all like to make those connections, don't we? But I am curious about where you live now. All that green and those beautiful growing things in the pictures you took. BEAUTIFUL!
    Push mowers? They are the very best WHEN IT IS YOUR SON THAT IS DOING THE MOWING!!!

  10. I remember our push lawn mower...I used to love to mow and you are right it makes a neat whirring sound...much quieter than the power (gas powered) mowers...and it nice that you have one of those handy dandy sons to push it for you!!LOL

    Happy Anniversary

  11. Wow 31 years! That is so wonderful.

    Your alley is so nice! The house we owned (before this one) had an alley...but it never looked so nice.

    And I love your monkeys picture.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Blessings to you!

    Pink Portuguese Roses

  12. thanks for stopping by my place! Come on back anytime.

    you have lovely things growing....

  13. I have one of those mowers too. It is a great stress reliever too! Your plants look great. I didn't have time to plant this year :(

  14. Nice mower! thanks for visiting my blog last week.

  15. Love the herbs, and that push mower with rotary blades-good stuff!

  16. Oh, tomatoes! Here, we are just getting the first little yellow flowers... no sign of fruit yet. (Think of me when you slice that first red one! : )

  17. A belated congratulations on your anniversary and thanks for sharing your sons face...priceless! I love your funeral notes! I think you and I may be the only two people on earth who like to discuss our wishes, it's not a bad thing, just a God thing :)