Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring is coming

 photo IMG_5233.jpg

This little bunny reminds me of one I had as a Child--it brings me many smiles. He reminds me of Peter Rabbit.

 photo IMG_5237.jpg

I added some flowers to my bug collection, lol

 photo IMG_5245.jpg

I switched the furniture in one room to another one! I love confusing my family!
 photo IMG_5246.jpg
taken at night so not the best photography

 photo IMG_5248.jpg
I switched the day room with the living room ......ha ha
 photo IMG_5251.jpg
always love sitting by the window and we have a duck that is nesting only a few yards away. I hope to see the ducklings soon if nothing gets them!
 photo IMG_5253.jpg

Love the little pink chair in my dining area--a sunny spot to sit

 photo IMG_5263.jpg and below --my spring apron is out and serving
 photo IMG_5261.jpg

 photo IMG_5260.jpg

I moved some pink --or more of it into the area. I am loving pink lately--not sure why!

I even moved the chairs in front of the fireplace!
 photo IMG_5255.jpg

Don't you love moving things around????????????????


  1. I like your kitchen, Kim! Nice and bright! Can you believe it's going to be Easter soon?
    Your bunny is so sweet.

  2. Everything is looking good! Thank you for asking about my fil. I did post an update! Dianntha

  3. Oooooh Kim, I haven't done that sort of spontaneous furniture moving for years. I used to regularly 'confuse' my GKB, he often came home to a rearranged home. Great fun. Maybe I can do it again when I retire.

    blessings, Diana

  4. Kim, your home looks so cozy and inviting.. Love the rabbit.. He reminds me of ones from my childhood..I am just waiting for Lou's back to get better because BOY do I want to rearrange and refinish furniture!.. LOL everything looks so nice :)

  5. My you have been busy, I haven't gotten the spring cleaning bug yet... probably because it is still so wintery here. It looks all so very nice.
    Blessings today

  6. Love your pink chair
    I really think every woman should have one
    kind of a comfort chair or a queen's chair in the house.

  7. Kim, your home is so warm and inviting! I love the pictures at night. Love to move my furniture around but everyone disappears when I need help, Also love your pink chair! Your kitchen is adorable, too! Hope you are having a great week!

  8. I love how you said you love to confuse your family...I think that must be something shared by most of us who blog! Your kitchen in all white is so pretty and the pops of pink remind me of my grandmother, she just loved adding pink to a made her happy! Have a Blessed Easter!