Friday, August 14, 2009

Sign Beauty

I like this poem--again by Paul Tripp

....To gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to inquire in his temple. Psalm 27:4

God has filled His world with beauty.
There is the beauty of:
the delicate orchid
the spotted leopard
the multi-hued sunset
the pillowy cloud
the golden sun
the delicious meal
the giant oak
the iridescent snake
the white-capped wave
the ribbony grain of wood
the song of a bird
the endless variety of music
the flash of lightning
the shimmering scales of a fish
the new white snow
the ragged rocks of the mountain
the tender kiss
the whisper of the breeze
the green curtain of the leaves
the security of a father voice
the tender touch of a mother's hand
the crystal display of a starry night
the percussive song of a rain day
the green of the pasture
the blue of the sky
the black of the night
the brown of the soil
the yellow of the bee
the red of the rose
the white of the cloud

"All of those things have been painted with beauty, but it is not ultimate beauty....No, the physical glories of this created world are meant to be sign glories. The amazing beauty that surrounds us every day was designed to be sign beauty. .....that would point to the ultimate beauty that can be found only in the One who created them."



  1. Very true-- very inspiring to think about.

  2. One only needs to go to Colorado to see so many signs that God is in the house...well I guess TX has one or two signs as well...heh,heh. Great post and good reminders.