Thursday, August 20, 2009

How much trouble can a 13 month old get into in 10-20 minutes?

Our Grandchildren came to visit for 4 days and I decided to take a few minutes to document Alden's trouble making capacities! He climbs everything--here he is getting into the laptop.

Helping with the vacuum
Whipping the cord--at one point in went in the other direction with the cord and fell flat on his face.
Meanwhile---his sister quietly colors
He went up and down this small set of stairs a ton of times during this time period.
He climbed another chair at another table to get the keys and cell phone
He loves to just stand on chairs
He decided to sweep up and then he tasted the little broom
Meanwhile his sister just calmly tries on a hat
He actually tried to break the lock
Outside he went right for the fountain
There is a rain guage in the pot beside him--before we realized what he was doing he drank from the moldy guage!
More climbing
and more climbing--this is the big stairs!! You would think he would be tired....I am ;-)


  1. Very cute! And he's definitely a boy! I totally relate to the exhaustion. The twins go opposite directions all the time, no matter where we are.

  2. Me again - if you google "twin language" you'll find some interesting stuff!

  3. What a wittoo honey. I wuv him.

  4. LOL! Oh, those little boys! Sooo very different from the little girls! Our little grandson just turned three! We kept him a week, and we were totally exhausted! LOL!