Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thoughts on changing my view as I age

As I have been aging, I have been seeing things from a different perspective.

I have really been convinced of the importance of seeking to walk with, in , through Jesus each day. When I do this , I am more at peace because I feel I am in His Will and I am doing what He wants with my time. Whatever things come into my daily life are coming from and through His hands---He controls these and He will give me the help to face each one.

But I have found Romans 7 to be true---we do not often do what we want to do--there is a warfare.

I also have found that when I look back on my life I see more and more of the sins and mistakes I have made.......mostly it revolves around choosing self above others. When I am so into self , I do not realize what or how I am affecting others. I think of the old song about More of Jesus I would know----That is it in a nutshell---
When others , such as our children, look at my life, they see it differently then I do. This shows me how each of us can have a different perception of the same event and how important it is for me to ask for Christ's eyes, not my eyes. I am so glad for His redemption---His washing of our sins---for even when I am trying to do my best, I am failing.


  1. Thank the Lord for grace :) He can make all things beautiful. I rely on this truth daily!

  2. nannykim ===> I love nearly every kind of gardening , i do veggies , flowers ans i run an indoor exotics collection as well.

  3. Just dropped by to see if your are still around. You are! Very much so! Good post!

  4. Thanks for dropping by. We don't have eggsRupp here. Charlotte loves oatmeal and always has that. Since I am diabetic that's what I should have but I don't. I like a big breakfast but rarely have it. I like the picture of you on the bridge and the one with your husband. Have a good day.

  5. It is a challenge for me to always remember to put Him first. Too often, I get wrapped up in something or the other and forget. I have found as I get older the closer I feel to Him. Maybe it is the forgetting about self.

  6. Nanykim ===> Have you tried giving your fireants diet coke ? Sounds odd , but I have seen it work with smaller colonies , they eat it all up and die because it has no nutrition or calories.

    As for lavander I use it it satchets , sometimes I use it in tea , cookies and I am known for collecting them in bunches and just hanging them cut from the walls.

  7. NannyKim===>Ach , if its big colony it (the diet coke) won't work , then its just being prepared for the bites. The best thing I found thus yet that makes the bite stop hurting quickly is wet tobaco. I keep a pouch of rolling tobacco around for that it just takes a small pinch that is wet.

    I hear meat tenderizer also works , but it never has done much for me. I used to live in Texas and that means a LOT of fire ant battles.