Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sex--a point well made-ties in well with Love Dare 32

As everyone knows, there is a difference between men and women in this area---the whole Mars verses Venus thing applies here. Stormie Omartian makes some good points in her book called THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE. I think this is one area WE AS WOMEN FAIL AT understanding---I know I have---here is what she says:

" For a wife, sex comes out of affection. She doesn't want to be affectionate with a man who makes her feel angry, hurt, lonely, disappointed, overworked, unsupported, uncared for, or abandoned. But for a husband, sex is pure need. His eyes, ears, brain, and emotions get clouded if he doesn't have that release. He has trouble hearing anything his wife says or seeing what she needs when that area of his being is neglected. Wives sometimes have it backwards. They think, We can have sex after we get these other issues settled. But actually there is a far greater chance of settling the other issues if sex comes first.

"That's why it's important to make sex a matter of priority in your marriage. Whether all conditions are perfect or whether you feel like it or not isn't the point. The point is meeting the needs of your husband and keeping communication lines open. A man can easily be made to feel insignificant, beaten down, discouraged, destroyed, or tempted in this area of his being. There is probably no more important means of fulfillment for a man, and no area where he is more vulnerable"

I think that the above statement is so true---we as women need to look at this in the that light---


  1. Nannykim ===> The Key to making the tortilla's is not to try and make it TOO thin. Mass Manufacture's use machines that can do that , but it is a real sacrifice in taste , in mexico it is normal to have hand sized tortilla's with your food , not the giant ones you see in the store.

    I had never though about a cutting board , that sounds genius.

    As for the Press I linked to , if you contact your local high school shop teacher he may be able to help you. I and a few people in my community try and buy things specifically from the woods and shop teachers in our area's to support THEIR educational program. They usually have the materials and the will to make what is wanted.

  2. Do you get a pass if you're 36 weeks pregnant? (I'm thinking the guy might want a pass, too). :-)

    Just kidding. Great point.

    LOVE the picture of Rhianwent at the top of your blog. She's such a fashion diva.