Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's thoughts

Life goes by so quickly.

I find Alzheimer's is a particularly frightening disease. The thing that makes it so hard is to see the anxiety and fear in my mother-in -law and there is nothing that I can do to ease this for her, except to ask for a dose of some medication. It is hard to be there and not be able to provide comfort---she is usually too unfocused for that and the wheeling around in her chair is her way of dealing with the anxiety.

It must be so frightening to have a portion of your brain not a Christian the ability to focus on the Word and on Christ brings peace and joy.....but what happens when you loose that mental ability? I find this in some ways to be a mystery of God's providence. We are exhorted in the Bible to fix our minds, re-new our minds, be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and thanksgiving to make our requests known to God........BUT what happens when you can't do this----when you no longer retain the ability? I know God's Spirit can commune with our spirit and peace comes from him, yet usually the mind plays a part....when the mind is diseased it is a great heart ache.

I keep going back to the fact that God has a purpose and season for everything. I am trying to learn and yet what am I learning? One thing would be, of course, that life is a precious gift and I shouldn't waste it on stupid arguments or on things that do not reflect the glory of God. Man, is that a hard thing to do---I tend to get so distracted by stupid stuff! Again and again I go back to needing to be fully alive to the moment that I am in and to seek to be fully alive to God. I wish the spiritual part of life was not a battle---that it would flow more easily. I loose sight of the aspect of warfare. I need to soak up more of His word and be more taken over by the Spirit of God and not so into self. It surely is hard to balance living in the world, but being in the Spirit.

The song below is a good prayer for my mother-in-law---you need to turn off the music on my sidebar to listen to this one.

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  1. I agree with you. Some things are just too hard for us to understand but someday we will. Alzheimers has ruined so many lives and affected so many families, mine included. I love Celine and Josh both and I love this song. Thanks for posting it.