Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Just thinking about the beauty of the church of God. I was reflecting on how each of us reflects the glory of our creator in that we all are creative. I am always amazed at how each person in the body of Christ has creative instincts......with some it may be cooking, sewing, decorating, computering, gardening, poetry, making up music, fixing up homes, making up games or stories, writing, etc......the list goes on and on. It is fun, when you get to know someone just to discover this aspect of their personality. God created such a variety!!

Also I have seen that some in the body can't get enough of God's word and spend lots of time in it and studying it in depth. There are others that spend more time in prayer and reflection. There are some that worship him more by singing and looking at creation. But I have seen that all of these complement each other. I think often the church throughout the ages had limited access to God's word. They would have to go to church to hear it. ...or they would have to memorize it because they didn't have their own copies. We are to meditate on his word day and night.....not just read it, but I have seen that this meditation can come through different means. Such means as discussing, putting it to music, etc. I can see I am helped by the different kinds of personalities in my church and what a beauty is the church! What a richness that we sometimes take for granted. The diversity is what makes it so rich and alive....and so reflective of the greatness of our God.