Monday, April 2, 2007

Keller--psalm 23

In speaking about "surely goodness and mercy shall follow me"-----"How many of us are truly concerned that no matter what occurs in our lives we are being followed by goodness and mercy?.........But what about when one's body breaks down? What do I say when I stand by helpless, as I have had to do, and watch a life partner die by degrees under appalling pain?.........These are the sort of times that test a person's confidence in the care of Christ........When my little world is falling apart and the dream castles of my ambitions and hopes crumble into ruins can I honestly declare "Surely--yes---surely---goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life"? Or is this the sheer humbug and a maddening mockery?.......As I see all of this in retrospect I realize that for the one who is truly in Christ's care, no difficulty can arise, no dilemma emerge, no seeming disaster descend on the life without eventual good coming out of the chaos. This is to see the goodness and mercy of my Master in my life. It has become the great foundation of my faith and confidence in Him......My serenity has as its basis an implicit, unshakable reliance on His ability to do the right thing, the best thing in an given situation."

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