Monday, October 29, 2012

Brookgreen Gardens in the Fall (1)

Photobucket Fall is a nice time in the gardens! Photobucket We had a nice day and I will be sharing a few photos over this week Photobucket ;;;;;;;; Photobucket ......... Photobucket THere is nothing like these evergreen oak trees--one feels transported to another world Photobucket ;;;;;;;;; The Statues were so enjoyable at this time of the year--loved the leaves in the water.Photobucket We enjoyed some coffee and peach tea (hot) at this little spot in the gardens Photobucket This is my youngest son who joined us for the day--it was pretty empty in the gardens due to Hurricane Sandy Photobucket Hope to share more later in the week.


  1. My first visit to Brookgreen Gardens was not a happy one. I was four years old and we had to vacate Myrtle Beach because of Hurricane Hazel. I didn't want to see trees and flowers. I wanted to play at the beach and ride some rides. I never went back until my husband and I moved to Charleston. What a switch. We never went to Myrtle Beach but made many trips to the lovely gardens! Thanks for a great memory. Keep safe in the storm.


  2. Kim... these photos are pretty. I've only traveled as far east as Amicalola Falls, Gainsville,Ga. So I've not been to these gardens but they are beautiful.
    I hope you are well after this last hurricane.
    keep in touch. Pat