Monday, February 14, 2011

video of kids meeting baby

This was the first moments of the grands meeting their baby brother. Ps the date is wrong --it was the last day in January and not the 27th. I always think these times are so special!!!!!


  1. So sweet. He really was at a loss for words. I bet he is not always that quiet (o: And so cute that your Granddaughter had her dress up clothes on. They will love him to pieces I am sure... so will you. Get over that cold. I had 2 this winter and they are such a pain. Remember...vicks on chest or bottom of feet at night keeps the cough away (o:

  2. Congratulations Kim. How wonderful for your family. I see you closed down your other blog, and you moved!!
    WOW big changes for sure.
    Yes I closed mine down too. Just giving me headaches and poor Randy was always trying to fix it. Mac is great, but has issues with their blogs.
    So Julie is on her way Thurs. If we find time she will show me the ropes on blogspot.
    Enjoy those sweet kids Kim. I'll let you know when I re-open shop : )
    Stay warm.

  3. Awww...that is SO sweet, it looks like the kids were left speechless. What a special time for everyone.
    I love that your gd has dress up clothes on! She reminds me of gd that I featured yesterday. Oh my, she would live in them if her mother would let her, and many days she has!
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Oh...precious, precious,precious.
    All three Grands are darling.
    Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your family.
    I still love the little princess outfit!
    Cute kiddos.

  5. That is so lovely Kim. Thanks so much for letting us see this special moment. What a darling new grandbaby. And the kids watching is just so precious!


  6. Aww, Kim, what a magical moment. Thanks for sharing it with us. Your grandchildren are such darlings.
    Congrats on your lovely family!