Sunday, January 31, 2010

A cure for winter blues

A visit to the grandkids is always a cure for the winter blues! I am always amazed at their ability to imagine. I love to imagine with them. Below Alden is pretending he is Michael from Mary Poppins. He really does well at pretending. His sister is BERT and she is cleaning the chimney below (this is what she used for the chimney and the cleaning instrument).

Don't let the guy above scare you --he is a lot of fun.

Below: The kids love having a tea party. They simply turn the basket over to use as a table. Their stuffed animals are guests. Alden loves feeding everyone.

We went to the library and one of our favorite books was The Paper Princess. It was such a fun story that we had to create a paper princess like the one in the book. We also created a gingerbread paperdoll for Alden and we had so much fun doing all kinds of things with the paperdolls. I had forgotten how much fun paper could be!

We had some Russian visitors too (below)

These guys have many hats to fill.

Dancing is so much fun, but songs like B I N G O and the Good Ship Lolipop can really get stuck in my head!! I am still humming them!!

Well, a winter storm was coming on Friday night so I had to get home before it arrived. This happened last time I visited too!! I hate the fact that I miss the snow......but I surely don't want to drive in it--NC and SC do not have much equipment in the area of route 95 for bad weather.
But for grams, grandkids are a wonderful vacation for those of you that take care of your grands every week, it might be another story ;-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thinking about thankful things

I am glad for Sundays and a slower day of the week. I am thankful for

a day of rest
fresh flowers from my hubby that cheer the whole room
a very loving bootso cat
cheery red cardinals outside and inside (on pillows etc)
warm fires
warm snuggly blankets
the antics of the squirrels interacting with my neighbor's cat
candles (real and battery run)
homemade Earl Grey Latte
romantic comic books (these always make me appreciate my hubby more!)
the higher type church service--I love what the symbols and sacraments represent

I love the gifts God has given us .....not just those that are "spiritual gifts" , but the gift and beauty of His creation. I love the warmth of the sunshine and the uplifting psychology of light.
I love the colors in creation---pretty amazing stuff. I love the gift of His Word--both Christ and the Bible. I love the power and depth of the written word.....the more I read it the more I see how little I understand of His great love and of his doings in this world. I love thinking about the grandeur of the universe and its complexity in the big and in the small. I love the variety of foods and textures. I love the creativity of mankind and its reflection of God. I love the variety of music and how it touches our inmost parts.

I love the quietness of a small town.
I love the quietness of a Sunday in a small town ;-)
I love the softness of the winter sunlight.
I like the beginning of a new year....being able to think about goals. I tend to be sloppy and not work towards anything specific. I need to be a bit more goal oriented or life will be more of a drifting of time---I have been seeking the presence of God in daily living and have not been thinking about the specifics. I need to get down to some specifics in certain areas. --ie Bible memory, better organization of time and things....etc. Sundays are good to reflect more on the week ahead and goals to be pursuing.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday fun and messes

This is just an assortment of pics from the holidays that make me smile.
Curing hiccups (above) a technique that worked!

The cat rubbing and biting the head as a welcome.

Fun gifts from Aunt Sue

Lots of goodies from Uncle David and Elisabetta

On the way to visit grandma

A welcome massage

Walks on the beach

Cuddly time

Just plain fun and goofing around


Smoke rings

HUGE messes!!

Messes--huge--into the closet

Hanging out and playing games