Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thinking about thankful things

I am glad for Sundays and a slower day of the week. I am thankful for

a day of rest
fresh flowers from my hubby that cheer the whole room
a very loving bootso cat
cheery red cardinals outside and inside (on pillows etc)
warm fires
warm snuggly blankets
the antics of the squirrels interacting with my neighbor's cat
candles (real and battery run)
homemade Earl Grey Latte
romantic comic books (these always make me appreciate my hubby more!)
the higher type church service--I love what the symbols and sacraments represent

I love the gifts God has given us .....not just those that are "spiritual gifts" , but the gift and beauty of His creation. I love the warmth of the sunshine and the uplifting psychology of light.
I love the colors in creation---pretty amazing stuff. I love the gift of His Word--both Christ and the Bible. I love the power and depth of the written word.....the more I read it the more I see how little I understand of His great love and of his doings in this world. I love thinking about the grandeur of the universe and its complexity in the big and in the small. I love the variety of foods and textures. I love the creativity of mankind and its reflection of God. I love the variety of music and how it touches our inmost parts.

I love the quietness of a small town.
I love the quietness of a Sunday in a small town ;-)
I love the softness of the winter sunlight.
I like the beginning of a new year....being able to think about goals. I tend to be sloppy and not work towards anything specific. I need to be a bit more goal oriented or life will be more of a drifting of time---I have been seeking the presence of God in daily living and have not been thinking about the specifics. I need to get down to some specifics in certain areas. --ie Bible memory, better organization of time and things....etc. Sundays are good to reflect more on the week ahead and goals to be pursuing.


  1. May the Lord bless you as you talk to Him about those goals! I like small towns, too.

  2. love your list of thankful things
    my town is smaller than some people, but it does not seem very slow even on Sundays.
    I was thankful for a day with no daycare. I finally went to the Dr. We have a clinic that is open on Sundays and I made myself go. The self Doctoring was not working. I do have a bladder infection and got medicine. Yeah!!! I Plan on feeling better this week.

  3. I like quiet, reflective Sundays, too. So many don't know what they're missing by making like any other day.

    Great list!

  4. Great list of things you are thankful for! Good luck for your goals for the new year!

  5. Very Nice! I was wowed by the header, just gorgeous! Cindy

  6. Come by and see the make over
    About the header
    Where is that? Do you guys ride horses?

  7. I love this post. I love Sundays, too. And the commenter who said it well - people who don't make Sunday special are missing out!

    I finally got the twins' birthday post up!

  8. I have been looking at your cottage pictures (o:
    I love the fireplace painted white
    I am afraid to do that though...ours is sooo big
    we have talked about painting the mantle white though
    thanks for telling me where the picture was taken
    who knows, maybe I will get to visit there sometime
    I love the beach (o:

  9. I'm from a small town, too... I also don't want to drift and need to ask God to help me prioritize... Lezlee