Friday, September 4, 2009

Fourth day of Revive our Hearts challenge

I am participating in the Revive our Hearts Challenge for encouraging our husbands--here is day four


Day Four:
"...let him labor, working with his hands what is good..." Eph. 4:28
We are all accountable for the things we say, both negative and positive words. Have
you embraced the challenge to speak only positive things to your husband and to others
about him? Here's a suggestion that touches the core of your husband's world.
Some women take their husband's career for granted, and they show it in many ways.
Do you "dump" on your husband at the end of the workday, or do you strengthen and
encourage him with your words? A wise wife will make her husband feel that she values
and appreciates his work. Let him know that you are glad he is a hard worker. Take
opportunities to praise his diligence and resourcefulness to others.
If your husband is out of work, unable to work, or refuses to work, you'll need to be more
creative. Praise him for a character quality that you see in him that would be a vital part
of a successful career - such as persistence, decisiveness, strength, an analytical mind,
organizational skills, good with people, good listener, determination, etc


  1. I am quite surprised by how good I am doing at this challenge. The Lord surely must be helping me, cause I know I couldn't do it on my own! I'm sure some days will be more challenging for me.

  2. I'll check this out. Thanks for the post.

  3. This is something I strive to do, but I must constantly remind myself of it.

  4. What a wonderful challenge to be a part of! Thank you! I need to be reminded about this often...

  5. Thank you for stopin by and your words. You know that is very interesting that most of the things you shared with me have been lessons learned thru this experience. Sometimes we hurt because God wants us to mature spiritualy, and bring us closer to Him. Like you said I may not understand but knowing that He loves me and teaches me is good enough. God Bless you.

  6. Hello my friend...

    Just read the sweet note that you left at my happy that you came over for a visit...thank you for your sweet comments!!!

    Ohhh my...I think this is a scripture and teaching that needs to be elaborated on these days and times!!! My friend, I am married (for the 2nd time) to the dearest and sweetest man! God has blessed me beyond measure!!! I adore my honey...all that he is and all that he does for us!!! In fact, just last night I wrote him a note...telling him how much I loved him and how much I appreciate him...all that he does for us! I left it on the desk so that he would see it when he got up this morning. We have been together for nine years now...I can't imagine speaking an unkind word to him or about him to anyone! But...the actions are reciprocal...he always supports me and encourages me!!! Oh yes...I thank the Lord for giving me my husband!!! I never take these blessings for granted!!!

    I'm just elated to see you do a post about's so very needful!!! Thank you, my friend...and Lord bless you!!!


  7. Very nice challenge. Helpful words. i think you flower saving idea is a good one. my cat eats grass when she goes out and does the same as yours... yuck.

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