Friday, July 10, 2009

Enjoying my flowers

These roses above have been delightful. They grow long lanky branches and are wrapping around some of our other bushes. They are a carpet rose and I love the way they continue to put out blooms----these have replaced our hard to care rose bushes that I liked, but these do not require much care!
I love the wild flowers and have so enjoyed the extra ones we planted this year!!

The impatiens have done well in these containers so we hope to plant them next year as well!


  1. The flowers have been great this year around here - so much extra moisture. Loved seeing yours - I love impatiens, but we don't seem to have much luck with them for some reason.

    I have one beautiful rose busy and it's doing great this year - more orange than pink, as it seems to be changing. DC says not, but I think so. I should get out my pix from last year.

  2. Great pics and post.
    I hope to add more to the enviornment this year and the years to come. Think it is important.

    May God bless you and your family in all ways.

  3. Your flowers are pretty! I love to look at flowers, but if they require a lot of care, I usually don't have any luck with them at all.

  4. it has been so dry this year that the grass is all dying...and flowers are not doing much better...
    maybe next year we will have better luck..
    your flowers are beautiful...

  5. Beautiful!

    And I love the photo on your heading with the cute doll toys, and the mountains in the background.

    You live in a lovely state.