Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love Dare 38

Ok, soooooooo, I am taking more than the time allotted for the Love Dare. I am on Day 38---but sometimes I need more than one day to think about the Dare and to apply it etc. I plan on starting over again when I finish anyways!!

I love the way this dare started said:

"What is something your spouse would really, really, love? And how often do you ask yourself that question?"

I liked the challenge to go to a new level of love that "actually wants to fulfill every dream and desire you possible can." Also the point was good that God is our Model---he is the one whose love we are trying to imitate.

It goes on to say:

"We dare you to think in terms of overwhelming your spouse with love. To surprise them by exceeding all their expectations with your kindness".

What a challenge--what a wonderful challenge. And the funny thing is that I had been thinking that I needed to have the goal of seeking to out-love others----to give them more love than I (think or perceive) I receive---This ties in so well with this whole idea. I love this challenge!

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