Thursday, May 22, 2008

God had been Good, so Good--Praise Him

(play the above music while reading!)

My father-in-law had a stroke. God has been amazing in the way His hand has shown his loving care in all of this and through all of this. My father-in-law's name is Bob. On Sat. night he awoke realizing his left side wouldn't move. He managed to get himself to the doorway of his condo and yell for help. God had (in his providence) had him move to these condos about a year ago because of his wife's failing health. The disbility and special needs organization here in town just "happened" to buy condos right in his building. They just "happened" to have their office 2 yards from his doorway. Someone is there all night long and awake. They heard him and called an ambulance and the ambulance got there within minutes! They were able to give him meds and oxygen immediately. They beat my husband there and we only lives 2 blocks away.

God kept sending Christians at the hospital to be part of his care! The ultrasound done in his room was done by a Christian from our church who "happened" to be working that weekend. The speech therapist who came was substituting for the regular one and she too is a wonderful Christian from our church!! AND she will be doing his speech therapy at the Rehab unit he has now been moved to! She works over there full time. Then one of his nurses at the hospital just "happened" to have been one that went on a mission trip to hondurus with my daughter and husband (and they have not seen her since that trip 8 years ago!).

He was moved to the Rehab unite yesterday and the nurse there just "happens" to be a lady that Bob taught at school, many years ago in a town 45 minutes away.

God keeps showing his care and love for him (so no matter what happens, God has demonstrated His wonderful love and presence.) BUT ON TOP of this Bob had been praying that He would know and feel more of the love of God. He loved Him with his mind but wanted to love Him more with His heart. He says that God touched Him with his love and presence in such a powerful way that if he had had any more time feeling it he would have been unable to endure it! Blessed be God for His great love that is beyond our fathoming--the length and height and depth and breadth which we will never really understand!

Ps. And my oldest son was at a men's retreat when he got word. My son specifically prayed that God would Physically touch Him in a powerful way---basically this is just what my father-in-law felt when God's love overwhelmed him!


  1. Praise the Lord for all of His miracles! I am so thankful that your FIL was able to get help so fast and the Lord sent His servants to help. Praise the Lord! I love that music, is that Fernandez Ortega (sp)? Beautiful!

    Praise the Lord!!!

    :0) Sharon

  2. what a wonderful blessing and proof of God's loving care...
    It brought tears to my eyes as I read all the "just happened to" people that came into his life at just the right time...
    and your music with the post is just perfect also...
    thanks you so much for sharing this part of your heart with us...

  3. Miracle after miracle. Praise the Lord. What a wonderful testimony of God's mercy, grace and love. Thank you for sharing this. I really like Fernando Ortega.


  4. What an amazing story! All the "just happened" and seemingly chance events that are a part of God's plan....its so good you are aware and thankful!

    May your father-in-law be blessed with a complete recovery!

  5. How wonderful for you to be able to see the Lord's hand in the midst of this stormy time. Praying for your FIL's complete recovery.

  6. Kim, I will keep your father-in-law and the entire family in my prayers. Even before this happened I believe you said your family was going through some rough times.

    Love and Prayers,

  7. This is my first time visiting your blog. I'm so happy to hear of how God lifted your father in law up through this difficult time.

  8. Now that is a lost of "happenstance! - known otherwise as Godincidences!

    Thanks for praying and caring!

  9. We have an amazing God, don't we?? So glad to hear of God's provision and blessings on your family.

  10. I am sitting here blinking back tears completely blessed by this testimony. Bless God for this special move, and touch, in Bob's life. Pausing to lift him in prayer asking for a full recovery and continued covering.

  11. We all need to be aware when God works in our lifes. Praise the Lord for working in your families life.

  12. I'm sorry that your FIL has been sick, but what beautiful miracles and demonstration of the love of God.

  13. oh, God bless you & your family!!