Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beautiful fog

The morning was so beautiful with the fog enveloping the land. I love the feel it gives to an early morning (especially with a cup of coffee in hand). It just seems like a morning for meditation, doesn't it?

Thus I found myself re-reading a few quotes from Brother Lawrence. "God knows very well what we need and that all He does is for our good. If we knew how much He loves us, we would always be ready to face life--both its pleasures and its troubles."
"The difficulties of life do not have to be unbearable. It is the way we look at them--through faith or unbelief--that makes them seem so. We must be convinced that our Father is full of love for us and that He only permits trials to come our way for our own good."

and this:

".....I looked upon God as the beginning and the end of all my thoughts and all the feelings of my soul."

"Is it not much shorter and more direct to do everything for the love of God, to make use of all the labors of one's state in life to show Him that love, and to maintain His presence within us by this communion of our hearts with His."

[I am not so sure about what he says about maintain His presence--I think His presence is always there, but is often much more felt if we maintain a communication with Him}

But I like the focus--the focus on God he had and the focus on doing all for Him and on praying to him constantly in the day.


  1. Another beautiful picture - with beautiful quotes!

    We had another snowy day - really wet stuff - but it was gone mid afternoon. Strange days.

  2. Very lovely photo....fog and mist always add a special dimension.

    Good thoughts too from Brother Lawrence. I agree with you that God's Presence is always here. What is that familiar saying....."If you don't feel close to God.....who moved??"

    Sometimes I think we just need to BE AVAILABLE for God to work through. Forget about making all kinds of efforts.....simply be open and available for use.

    Your thoughts are always inspirational!

  3. I love mornings like that.....they do make me pause in the busy hustle bustle of life to slow down long enough to allow His presence to be felt. That is a good reminder. :-) Rosie

  4. beautiful picture of the fog..and beautiful thoughts on the presence of God

  5. I loved Brother Lawrence's little book. Beautiful quotes.

    I agree with what you said about the presence of God. He is with us always. But if we quench His Spirit we lose the sense of His presence, we quench the joy and the closeness of knowing Him.


  6. A lovely post and the fog picture is very peaceful.

  7. I have tagged you for a meme. Beautiful picture of the fog.